This is documentation of my FUE procedure that I had with the Alvi Armani clinic in Dubai. I had 3,520 using the new FUE technique that doesn't leave the scare in the back. I have a lot of photos below

Before and After photos


Thursday, February 25, 2010

Before Photos

Here are my before photos and the photos I sent in to the clinic for my initial consultations. I expressed to the doctor that I want to have my hairline and temples restored with no receding look and the top filled in. I wanted to look my age and my receded hairline and temples were making me look much older then I really am :(


Here is how they placed my grafts and designed my hairline. I think it looks good.

2 weeks

Here I am exactly two weeks after my procedure. Everything has healed very well.

4 and 5 Month updates

Here I am at 4 months after my FUE hair transplant procedure. The hairline is really really starting to come in nice and people have started to notice a big difference in my appearance. I am excited for the upcoming months and how things will take shape!

Month 4 - You can see things are really filling in

Here is my progress at 5 months, my hair is getting thicker

6 month photos

At 6 months my hair is looking great. I have full coverage on the top and my hairline has no receding look to it at all. Every month I am seeing changes and when I look closely I can even see new hairs and growth poking thru. This is very exciting as things should keep getting thicker and thicker.

7 month photos

Here are my 7 month photos, the hairline continues to get thicker and thicker each month. The hair styles I am able to do have taken years off my look and apperance. I am very happy with the way things look!

1 Year update

Photos of me at one year after my surgery. My hair is stylable and really thick. Things have continued to improve each month, my hair is really nice now.